Me & John Biffar:  A Love Story Me & John Biffar:  A Love Story
Well, it's here!  Norma Miller's long awaited book about the coming together of two very special people...kindred spirits, if you will.  John Biffar, the filmmaker, at age 40, met Norma Miller, the 75 year old, Harlem born Lindy Hop and Swing dancer of the golden era.  It is a friendship that all the good in life is made of.  A bond that can't be broken and a love and respect that many never find.  This book is about visions and adventures which has taken them across the globe as they perform their duty to share inspiring, life-giving legacies of love with the world, and for each other, through their unique, individual giftedness.  It has been eighteen years since their first meeting and their many tireless contributions to life have been endlessly inspiring, heartwarming, and at times hilarious.  A pairing like this is what dreams are made of...and what a refreshing, unlikely pair!  True friendship has no boundaries Norma and John are living proof of it.
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